Changes to the default Battlefield 2042 controller mapping

If you’re playing Battlefield 2042 using a controller and just installed today’s massive 3.2 update, chances are you’ve realized something is a little off. Well, it’s not you, as there have been changes to the default Battlefield 2042 controller mapping thanks to today’s update.

Battlefield 2042 Default Controller Mapping Changes (PlayStation and Xbox):

If you’ve changed your controller settings prior to this update, we recommend taking a moment to update your controls and familiarize yourself with these changes before jumping into the game.

The changes below represent the new Xbox and PlayStation mapping layouts, some of these buttons can be changed to your liking via Options > Controller

PlayStation controller (PS4, PS5):

Xbox controller (Xbox One, Xbox Series):

That’s about it. If you have any issues with the controller change in patch 3.2, share them below in the comments.

source: EA answers


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