Black Desert Online Update 2.63

Pearl Abyss has today released Black Desert Online update 2.63 for all platforms. This update includes a simple bug fix. Check out the Black Desert Online January 6 patch notes below.

Black Desert Online Update 2.63 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online January 6 patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue where infusing an inventory crystal into a Crystal Preset would sometimes cause an additional crystal to be equipped incorrectly in certain situations.
    – Note that any improperly equipped crystals will not be equipped at a later date.

In related news, here are the games Current known issues which still needs to be fixed.

Known current issues

  • In Node Wars, on certain days, the uncontrollable flag cannot be placed in specific locations.
  • During Arena of Solare, an issue was discovered where the client would crash in the following situations
    • If a character dies and spectator mode is used, and the battle is far from the respawn point, the game will close.
  • While using the Oasis of Knowledge function on the Black Desert website, an issue was encountered where you could not check the adventurer’s profile.
    • This issue will be fixed during the January 11th maintenance.
  • Under certain circumstances, Blue Mane Lion Manor wallpapers are not displayed.
    • Please note, if you install a new wallpaper, the existing wallpaper will be deleted automatically.
  • In Atoraxion: Yolunakea, the Sol Magia in Yolu’s cradle sometimes looks like it’s buried in the ground
  • Under certain circumstances, adventurers of another party can be seen in Yolu’s Spine in Atoraxion: Yolunakea.
  • In the Solare Hall of Fame of the Battle Arena, the weapons and placements of certain class statues are not as intended.
  • Certain character statues in the Solar Hall of Fame show unintentional movement.
  • Level 4 pets with names that included words not suitable for level 5 could not be trained
    • If you encounter this issue, please contact us through the Support Center with the following information for assistance.
      • Pet Type:
      • Pet Name:
      • New name:
  • The “fixed character perspective” setting does not work properly.
  • Certain monsters in the Jade Starlight Forest do not spawn properly on the EU_Arsha server.
  • Outfit equipment (desert camouflage, etc.) that takes up four slots (including headgear) causes the headgear’s color to sporadically become invisible when the cover gear’s durability decreases.
  • Processing (L) an artifact item with “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard” with the “Process All Identical Items” option selected causes “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard” “Being just a part of the simple alchemy processing the first time and not the next few times.
    • After the first time, only the Artifact item will be processed using Simple Alchemy. If you want to also include “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard”, please disable the “Process all identical items” option.
  • NPC Patrigio’s (Velia, Calpheon, and Grana) dialogue regarding the materials to create the bonfire of dreams does not match the actual materials.
  • Urukios’ two-phase battle sometimes does not immediately advance to the next phase when Urukios drops below a certain HP.
  • Attempting to log into Black Desert+ with Steam causes an error message to appear under certain circumstances.
  • Sometimes can’t get into Black Desert+ when using OTP.
  • Private/personal trade cannot be used when using the gamepad UI.
  • AP is not reduced properly when it rains or snows.
  • Disconnecting from the internet while waiting in the Arena of Arsha causes you to be stuck on the loading screen when you try to re-access the Arena of Arsha from the ESC → Arena of Arsha menu.
  • (Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Ninja, Kunoichi) An uncompleteable Succession questable line appears in an unacceptable state in the Quest window (O) for characters who completed the Succession quests before the Awakening and Sequence quests were combined.
  • Some horse outfits do not display correctly when mounts are attached to a cart.
  • Certain terrains (shallow water, underwater, bumpy roads, etc.) are not recorded properly.
  • Cannot level up by getting EXP as quest reward at level 59 99.99%.
  • Minimpa markers are sometimes incorrect.
  • Interacting with an NPC that starts a scene while on a mountain causes repeated interruption of characters while moving.
  • Sometimes it is not possible to obtain collection materials through water scooping.
  • It is not possible to scroll down when checking the list of items in the processing window (F2) after setting the client language to English.
  • The area in the background looks incorrect when the camera direction changes

source: Play in Black Desert


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