Stealth changes in battlefield 2042 update 3.1.2

Just a few days ago, DICE released a new patch for Battlefield 2042 (3.1.2) that included new weapons, gameplay improvements and more! As with every patch released for the game, there are some things that were added that were not recorded by the developers, which appear in the Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Stealth Changes list.

List of changes in Battlefield 2042 3.1.2:

All the sneaky changes the community found out about:

  • #1 The 12g Automatico was also added to the BF1942 (which actually came with the rest of the Datamined BF1942 arsenal), noticed by u/Marse1009.
  • #2 You can’t choose any of the portal weapons (not sure if that counts as a stealth change but it’s sneaky and it’s a change). (needs additional verification)
  • #3 I can’t seem to change squad… not sure if a patch change or a bug or what… two games in a row now and I can’t right click on my name to change squad. what. – It seems to be buggy on the computer and some can change it and some can’t. On consoles this option seems to have been removed. (Tested by several users on PC and PS5 platforms)

    = In the X|S series they changed it a few updates ago, so you can only change squad when they are downed or in the redeploy screen and no longer when alive. Therefore, the option to press X to change roster is only available when you select yourself in the teams and players menu when downloading / redeploying.

  • #4 New animation of request to revive icon
  • #5 Icon animation to collect a new request
  • #6 New issue: Sometimes the game crashes to the desktop right after getting past the opening loading screens. Happened three times tonight. Works with restart.
  • #7 When you get a kill with 12g Automatic, the kill doesn’t register for that weapon, it just shows () on the screen, where it should be (12g Automatic). Same for killing a defibulator in BF3, the kill log only shows (), which may prevent some people from unlocking certain portal weapons, if I remember correctly, a protal weapon requires 20 kills or regenerates with a BF3 defibulator.
  • #8 Some players cannot use the new Vault 1942 guns.
  • #9 Is it me or is the display model of guns different? – Yes it is!
  • #10 There used to be a bug where you couldn’t reload the tac on the m1 garand while playing as the 1942 faction. This seems to be fixed now

This appears to be a smaller list compared to a previous stealth mod list, but if more are found, we’ll update the article.

Thanks, ANGRYlalocSOLDIE!



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