DICE has rolled out Battlefield 2042 update 1.000.029 as a preload on PS5 ahead of the patch’s official release tomorrow, January 31st! Players will be able to download the beta to prepare the game for tomorrow’s massive changelist. Fortunately, the full patch notes are available below thanks to DICE’s reveal last week.

Back to the class system

Representing the most fundamental change to Battlefield 2042 to date, the reclass system introduces familiar gameplay by bringing back the class structure and identity you’ve grown accustomed to from previous Battlefield titles.


Each specialist has now been assigned a familiar Battlefield Class that symbolizes the expected gameplay behavior of that specialist.

We’ve also taken our open pool of gear and gadgets and assigned them to certain classes to further encourage the role of class play, while also adding structure to help read encounters while you’re on the battlefield.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Specialists, Class Equipment, and Class Gadgets that apply to each class:

attack: Dozer, Mackie, Sundance, Zayn

Classroom equipment: Med Pen

Gadgets for the classroom: C5 Explosive, IBA Armor Plate, M18 Claymore, Smoke Launcher

engineer: Burris, Crawford, Lis

Classroom equipment: Repair tool

Gadgets for the classroom: AT Mine, C5 Explosive, EOD Bot, FM-148 Javelin, FXM-33 AA, Recoilless M5

A tour of enemy territory: Casper, pike, see

Classroom equipment: The Knesset Lighthouse

Classroom gadget: C5 Explosive, M18 Claymore, Prox Sensor, SOFLAM, Tracer Dart, T-UGS

support: Angel, Falk, Irish

Classroom equipment: Defibrillator

Classroom gadget: Ammo Box, Health Box, M18 Claymore, Smoke Launcher

Weapon skills

The return to class system also introduces weapon skills. A set of optional passive perks that encourage use of the weapon archetype for your class during gameplay.

Assault rifles + assault rifles: 3 more magazines

Engineer + LMG: Improved dispersion when bent or prone

Recon + sniper rifles: Immediate, permanent and stable scope

Support + SMG: Faster drawing time

Weapon skills will help you figure out what setup might work best for each particular class, adding class identity back to the battlefield.

A breakthrough

With some of the most visible and extensive changes coming to our map renderings, Breakaway will be streamlined and scaled down to encourage more intense encounters than you’ve experienced before.

Areas of improvement

Glacier head: Once a wide open expanse with little cover to protect yourself, the penguins have created an outpost settlement with buildings for you to fight while you establish control over the immediate environment.

Ice shelf: Extensive improvements have been made to the overall Breakaway Ice Shelf area, including a new flag on top of the iceberg, and new paths to encourage connections between the iceberg and the relocated oil rig.

Oil rig: One of our favorite game locations has been moved to the foot of the glacier, allowing for more insane battle encounters as it’s much closer to the action than before. New ways of attacking the oil rig were established, and new walkways and cover were included throughout the deck.

The Snow Cave: Inside the glacier you’ll find a snow cave containing a downed MV-38 Condor, valuable resources scattered around this location as your team works to secure this new capture point

Workers Village: Military presence and fortifications have increased throughout this region. Cleaner navigation and shorter distances between capture points should ensure the action continues to flow throughout the workers’ village. Rumor has it that the workers in this village also throw the best parties. But in the meantime we haven’t been invited yet.

Thermal scopes

There was one clear winner when we looked at what kind of attachment we might release next throughout Season 3: Thermal Ranges.

While they’re not new to Battlefield – we’ve had them in previous games – technical and engine improvements have allowed us to show these scopes in a way we haven’t before. In previous titles these scopes changed the entire screen. But with Battlefield 2042 we can now isolate this effect to only appear on the range itself, alongside showing multiple hotspots for a single item… use thermal range on twin-engine aircraft and you’ll see what we mean!

With this update, Zain will also be able to use thermals with his XM370A Airburst launcher.

On the balance front we’ve also taken a few steps to ensure that these attachments bring proper gameplay to today’s Battlefield. This means that some expectations of how these attachments work in real life do not equate to an enjoyable gaming experience. Fun is always our top priority when introducing new things to the battlefield. So as an example, tactical smoke from gadgets, grenades or vehicles would be impervious to Thermal Scopes. while smoke and steam originating from the environment will be transparent.

TR-1 Thermal 1.25x: This scope is ideal for close range combat, its compact screen will provide valuable information while operating in dark stairwells or tight corridors.

Equipped with: 12 Meter Auto, AC-42, AK-24, AM40, Avancys, Ghostmaker R10, K30, LCMG, M5A3, MCS-880, MP9, NVK-S22, PBX-45, PKP-BP, PP-29, Rorsch Mk- 4 and SFAR-M GL

T4 thermal 2.5x: The middle option of the three new scopes, whose black-and-white screen finds optimal use when sharing players in warehouses or container parks.

Equipped with: AC-42, AM40, Avancys, BSV-M, DM7, GVT 45-70, M5A3, PKP-BP, Rorsch Mk-4, SFAR-M GL, SVK, VCAR

2038 thermal 6 times: Perfect for long-range engagement, and for finding opposing snipers hiding in the bush.

Equipped with: BSV-M, DM7, DXR-1, NTW-50, Rorsch Mk-4, SVK, SWS-10

New suppressor: NVK-Box suppressor

What’s better than depressing? Two welded together, of course. Designed specifically for the NVK-S22, the ‘box will allow you to add some stealth to your melee ventures.

Active protection system for M1A5 and T28

As previously announced in Our Dev Notes blog for vehiclesThe active defense system is now available on the M1A5 and T28.

Under the radar reaches aerial vehicles

Flying below 30 meters off the ground will now ensure you are immune to locking on vehicle-based weapons.

We are also reducing the height limits of helicopters. In the past we have seen several cases of pilots flying high and unleashing havoc with very little reaction, as lock launchers were unable to reach such a height. This fix helps get those helicopters down to the ground (Literally).

This change does not currently affect jets, or missiles that have already been fired. We’ll keep checking your feedback in the meantime.

Significantly lighter than the “OG” M14, this rifle comes with long-range match-grade 7.52mm ammunition and a standard 8X riflescope to position it as a medium-range sniper rifle.

Bullpup compact assault rifle with 5.56x45mm NATO bullets. Popular for its ambidextrous setup, heavy-duty modularity, and reliability, this mid-range AR is proof that size is deceiving. The MTAR-21 is also coming to the Battlefield Portal as part of this update.

This modern SMG features a 40-round magazine, a lightweight frame, and a high rate of fire. Coupled with its high muzzle velocity, even the smallest ammo rounds pack a punch.

Good news for our Year 1, Gold, and Ultimate Pass holders who missed out on unlocking Tier 0 Premium Battle Pass rewards for Season 1 or Season 2. You’ll find they’re now unlocked for you upon first logging into Game Time once the update goes live!

Owners of the versions listed above will also receive Specialists Lis and Crawford immediately upon entry.

Due to the extent of changes occurring in the return to class system, some of your creations may need to be updated as part of this update.

The default controller mappings have been updated to accommodate the addition of the new Class Gadget slot. This means that some operations have also been moved. We recommend taking a moment to update your controls and familiarize yourself with these changes before jumping into the game. The changes below represent one particular controller scheme, and may vary depending on your choice of peripherals.

Note: Class gadgets and weapon skills have been added to the danger zone. Players will retain the option to purchase any weapon or gadget as part of the preliminary round, regardless of which class you play.

Expect a slew of stat changes made by DICE as well. As soon as we know, we will make sure to let our readers know. You can follow all of our Battlefield 2042 stories through our Battlefield Game Hub.


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