While Battlefield 2042 players have Update 3.2 to look forward to this month, the next big update for the game has already been confirmed to be Season 4. DICE hasn’t talked about it yet, which is understandable, but we at least now know that Season 4 of Battlefield 2042 will be called “The Eleventh Hour.”

This was leaked by the ever-reliable Battlefield dataminer, who also compiled data on an unreleased BF2042 specialist that will never see the light of day in light of the class rework that is about to be implemented.

The unreleased Battlefield 2042 Specialist was called “Hale”, and had a drone as one of their abilities.

Note that the same information as any secure information, none of these are confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt. If BF2042 Season 4 isn’t called the eleventh hour, don’t blame us. However, the temp was very accurate with this data. Chances are DICE will talk about season 4 soon once update 3.2 is out.

For more information on the upcoming class remake, continue here. There’s also the first episode of “Inside Battlefield” airing this Monday, so stay tuned for that info to drop.


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