Studio Wildcard has released Ark Survival Evolved update 2.90, which is the game’s first update of 2023! Given the timing, don’t expect anything significant from this outside of a patch, although there was a new event that started recently. Read on for Ark Survival Evolved January 5 patch notes.

Patch Notes for Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.90 | Ark Survival Evolved January 5, 2023 Patch Notes:

Update: Studio Wildcard has published today’s changelog for the patch.

v710.12 (client 710.8) – 01/05/2023 – minor version for servers

  • Fixed Dino teleporting to wrong location after SE boss fight in Single Player (Teleport location: -302537 -44644 ​​53371)

The studio hasn’t released the official patch notes for today, but an earlier update was released for PC, and that was for exploit fixes.

Here is the announcement from the studio published on January 3, 2023 on all platforms:

Current version of ARK official server servers: v355.6

v355.12 – 01/03/2023 – minor version for servers

Alongside this, the falls for the 2023 New Year event saw an adjustment in his reward.

Along with 12:00 EST on January 1st as planned, we will be running an extra at 12:00 EST on January 2nd to compensate for the drop issue. We’ll also be tipping the weighting towards the rarest for mega bumper loot in the next two drops

Sorry for the intrusion, and we hope you all have a great year

Once the official patch notes are out, we’ll update the article, so please refresh it from time to time.

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