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We know you’ve been busy thinning out the hordes of xenomorphs in the cistern, Marines. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed! If you got the limited rewards, you earned them! If you haven’t, unfortunately, your time to collect is up. But that doesn’t mean the game is over. Starting today, the limited time rewards from the winter event have been replaced with new permanent rewards. You’ll want to reboot and hit the watering hole again to look for all the new weapon colors, emotes, and the new sticker.

Some weapons, attachments, and rewards have been adjusted, and you’ll notice that the Horde mode reward menus are much easier to read.

Like you, we too were busy killing insects. Read on for the full rundown of everything in this patch, then get back to business, lovelies!

Bug fixes


In addition to the cosmetic reward changes below, all game mode reward tables have been updated to share the same pool of non-cosmetic rewards. This means that all perks and attachments that were previously only available in some modes are now available in all modes. All cosmetic rewards are still only available from their unique game mode.

The following changes have been made to rewards in the following game modes:

  • Reworked the Horde Mode reward displays to better clarify the possible rewards for each set of 10 waves.
  • Horde Mode – Broken Pit: The limited winter event rewards have been removed from the Broken Pit Horde mode (Winter Constellations, Deep Freeze, Stay Frosty, Xeno Blessings, Let It Snow, Holly Berry, Antarctic Traffic Control, Icicles)

The following rewards have been added to Ruptured Cistern Horde Mode:

Three (3) new emotions – (intense+)

  • assessment
  • An elaborate bow
  • High fist pump

Three (3) new weapon colors – (extreme+)

  • Twisted web assassin
  • Twisted web ranger
  • Twisted web freelancer

One (1) new sticker – (crazy)

  • peace through superior firepower

Game Mode Reward Changes:

  • All modes now share the same reward pool of attachments and perks. Previously, some attachments were only available from Point Defense, some attachments were only available from Restock Turrets, and some perks were only available from Likasi Tower. All these have now been consolidated. All modes now grant access to the first tier of bundled rewards/perks when completed on Casual or Standard difficulties, unlock access to the second tier of bundled rewards/perks upon completing High difficulty, unlock access to an additional universal perk on Extreme, and unlock access to the ultimate Universal perk on Insane difficulty .
  • Point Defense Cosmetic Rewards: Rewards that previously only dropped on a specific difficulty will now also drop on higher difficulties. For example, if an award was once obtained by exploiting Point Defense on Intense (and only Intense), it will now have a chance to drop on extreme and insane difficulties if the award was not previously granted.
  • Horde Mode – Likasi Tower Cosmetic Rewards: There are now two (2) additional rewards (a weapon check feeling on any difficulty, and a Corpsman Up sticker on Intensive+ difficulties). Already received the rewards associated with the higher difficulty level.
  • Restock Turrets – Turret cosmetic rewards: There are now two (2) additional stickers (Little Friend, Significant Value) available as rewards on Extreme Difficulty+. In addition, if you play on a higher difficulty level and win, and you have not unlocked cosmetic rewards from the previous tier, they can be won if you have already received the cosmetic rewards from the current tier.

Additional changes to the reward in hardcore game mode:

  • Hardcore: Point Defense – Quake: Link rewards and perks that previously only dropped with a certain number of points remaining active will drop even if more points remain active. For example, if an attached reward or perk was once earned by Point Defense wins in hardcore mode, with only 1 point (and only 1 point), it will now also have a chance to drop with 2 or all 3 points. Cosmetic rewards are only available if all 3 points remain active.
  • Hardcore: Horde Mode – Likasi Tower: Attachment and Perk rewards that previously only dropped at a certain wave threshold will now drop even if additional wave thresholds are met. For example, if an attached reward or perk was once earned by successfully completing 10 waves (and only 10 waves), it will now also have a chance to drop at a 20+ wave, and attached or perk rewards previously obtained by successfully completing 20 waves (and only 20 waves) now also have a chance go down in wave 30+, and so on. The cosmetic rewards now drop with similar behavior as well.

Weapons and attachments

The following updates have been made to the weapon:

  • M42A2 scout rifle: The 4-star perk now states that it lasts 5 seconds, not 3 seconds. It’s just a text change.
  • 2B1 and Gera: Now properly refreshes the duration of the 4 star perk when reapplied.
  • L56A3 Smartgun: There is now a special “target lock” function during aiming/ADS that prevents the weapon from firing if no valid target is found. This will prevent it from firing if no target is found, or if a friendly target is found on higher difficulties.

The following updates have been made to Weapon Attachments:
Note: “Discharge” refers to the random chance of bonus effects provided through some attachments and perks.

  • C34F3 Hamsa Null Compensator: Now also provides +10% rate of fire.
  • Anti-material brake: Handling and stability provided by this attachment increased to +25%, up from +20%.
  • Extended field brake: Now also provides +15% accuracy.
  • M12E1 Patna LiteMag: Now also provides +10% healing.
  • Stabilizing magazine: Now provides +10% stability per stack, up from +8%.
  • Extended reserves: Process duration increased to 5 seconds, up from 3 seconds.
  • alignment module: Now provides +10^ stability per stack, up from +7%.
  • smooth bore: Now deals 20% more damage (up from 10%) to enemies at or below 20% health (up from 15%).
  • Double rail booster: Now always deals +25% damage vs armor, instead of promoting bonus damage vs armor.
  • Servo armature: Now properly grants +5% stated movement speed.
  • reinforcement armature: Now correctly lists +40% stability (instead of +15%) in the description of the Standing Still procedure. (This is a changed text only)
  • combat operator: Now properly states that it grants +4% stability per stack, instead of +3%. (This is a text change only)
  • Hollow points: Blood Discharge now deals the same amount of damage over 5 seconds, instead of over 8 seconds. Now stacks up to 3 times.
  • T22E4 Sargodha N-HANCE: A slight tweak to enemy highlighting while ranged to make enemies stand out more.
  • C36B5 Karachi Overwatch: The slow provided by this attachment now interacts correctly with the Creative Pain Point Solutions technician perk.
  • T24C6 Sylt Stalker: Targets are now properly highlighted while in scope view.”


  • Added a setting that allows players to toggle the Smartgun’s ‘target failed’ audio on and off.


  • Increased the base damage for AI grenades to 4000.


  • Emotes no longer work while a character is in cover.


  • Twilight V.4 now has more consistent audio when shooting

Challenge cards

  • The Battlefield Salvage card no longer grants credits or XP as bonus rewards.
  • The Rear Mounted Reloader challenge card no longer affects AI members.

Class Kits, Abilities and Perks

  • DOC: The field station changer will no longer fill additional trauma stations whenever another doc with the same perk gets a kill.
  • DOC: Doc Rifle Mastery no longer increases handling on non-rifle weapons
  • gunner: The CQW gunner specialty no longer increases the handling of non-CQW weapons.
  • lancer: The buffs provided by the muscle memory perk now correctly drop one stack at a time instead of falling completely when the character starts moving.
  • lancer: Lancer Heavy Training now correctly displays the increase in handling weapon details.
  • lancer: The Lancer CQW specialty no longer increases the handling of non-CQW weapons
  • PHALANX: Phalanx gun training perk now correctly affects gun range.
  • PHALANX: The Vanguard Perk now correctly applies the base 10% damage resistance to targets behind the Phalanx, in addition to the 10% applied when Shield Up is active.
  • Patrolling enemy territory: Combined Arms Tactics now grants the buff to nearby allies.
  • Patrolling enemy territory: Rifle control now increases healing correctly.
  • Patrolling enemy territory: The Recon CQW specialty no longer increases the handling of non-CQW weapons
  • Patrolling enemy territory: Rifle control now increases healing correctly.
  • Patrolling enemy territory: The Recon CQW specialty no longer increases the handling of non-CQW weapons
  • technician: CQW expertise now correctly increases ADS movement speed.
  • Fixed issues with the trigger radius feature for grenades and rockets.
  • Fixed an issue with Pala’s lab coat fitting around the elbows.
  • Fixed an issue with the male characters where certain hats would catch with the character’s head.

around the

  • Fixed some areas in a broken pit herd mode that would sometimes cause the character to get stuck.


  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred during level loading.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fabrication Reprocessor would sometimes crash if reused.

user interface

  • Fixed an issue where some attachment tips displayed incorrect information.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Cannot interact while taking damage” message did not always appear correctly for client players.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing another player’s profile while they left would sometimes replace their name with yours.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor could disappear on the character selection screen.


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