Have you watched The Last of Us Episode 3 on HBO? If so, chances are you were impressed by what you saw. It seems that someone at Activision-Blizzard was so impressed that they are now using it to lobby for the still-under-investigation Activision-Blizzard acquisition.

On Twitter, Activision-Blizzard’s Activision-Blizzard VP of Corporate Affairs and CCO Lulu Cheng Maseravi fired off a series of tweets tagging the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) about how TLOU Chapter 3 was so “awesome,” stressing that it was Produced by Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions, and based on a best-selling video game developed by a studio owned by Sony, and published as a PlayStation exclusive.

We have compiled the series of tweets in text form for easier reading:

Hey @FTC – did you catch last night’s episode of The Last of Us? It was amazing.

No wonder the program is breaking records. It’s a real blockbuster, watched by tens of millions.

If you haven’t already, you should check it out. You may be particularly interested in the fact that

The Last of Us is produced by Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions.

It is based on a best-selling video game developed by a studio owned by Sony and published by Sony as a PlayStation exclusive.

Why does it matter?

The FTC objected to the Microsoft – Activision Blizzard deal on the grounds that Microsoft could “stifle competition” from rival consoles by leveraging Activision’s games.

It sounds like there is a concern that Sony’s position as the market leader could be at risk in this deal.

But there is no reason to worry.

Sony has an unrivaled collection of IP, not only in games but also in television, film and music – which can be developed into games, or marketed to existing games.

Case in point: The Last of Us TV show is already generating renewed interest in this game.

Sony’s talent and IP in gaming, television, film and music is truly formidable and impressive.

It’s no wonder they also continue to rule as the market leaders for consoles.

In gaming, Sony is “the first of us” – and they’ll be just fine without FTC protection.

Although I see that Lulu put the disclaimer about “personal views” in her Twitter bio, it still seems strange to see this from a company executive.

In related news, Microsoft’s head of communications, Frank Shaw, mentioned that Sony allegedly misled EU regulators about Call of Duty’s equivalence. As for The Last of Us Episode 3, you can check out our review of it here.


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