Things have gotten worse for the future of the Halo franchise. 343 Industries (343i) is rumored to be canceling Halo Infinite’s planned campaign DLCs and transitioning entirely to a “franchise coordinator” oversight role, after losing a third of its workforce during recent layoffs. 343i’s roadmap for Halo Infinite multiplayer content in 2023 will remain unchanged.

343i has experienced significant leadership difficulties since the troubled launch of Halo Infinite. Last year, studio head Bonnie Ross announced her departure from the company ahead of the release of the Winter Update, prompting parent company Microsoft to restructure her role into three separate roles. In December, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer creative director Tom French left the company, and chief creative officer Joseph Staten reported Also made an exit According to yesterday.

The rumor, if true, puts a nail in Halo Infinite’s coffin: 343i has now lost a third of its workforce, including both in-house staff and contractors. Long-term plans for Halo Infinite campaign DLC were scrapped by studio head Pierre Hinz after a cost-benefit analysis, which was cited as the likely reason for Staten’s departure.

343i will reportedly focus on supporting Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode (already ported to Certain Affinity, Spearsoft and other studios for the most part) while moving into a “franchise coordinator” role. This change of direction has reportedly been in motion since 2020, when 343i (along with Microsoft Game Publishing) contracted with several outside studios to create “future Halo experiences.”

Despite reports of decommissioning in favor of the Unreal Engine, Halo Infinite’s Slipspace engine is still rumored to exist, and will be open to outside studios to work with the IP if they choose to use it. The game’s multiplayer plans for 2023 (the rumored Project Tatanka, Forge, and new seasons and maps) will remain unchanged.

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