Even if Sony’s PS5 is the current market leader when it comes to consoles sold, it seems we haven’t seen its peak yet, as Sony has indicated that the next-gen console is attracting a lot of new players, and they’re not just PS4-era gamers.

In the electronics giant’s latest financial report, it mentions that 30% of the PS5’s monthly active users (MAU’s) have never used a PS4 before, which means that Sony’s audience isn’t just those who have a PS4 and are instead attracting New people .

Additionally, nearly 30% of PS5 MAUs are users who have never used a PS4, so as PS5 spreads, new user acquisition is ramping up.

In addition to this, the report also notes that the “engagement metrics” (which include the rate of PS Plus subscribers, game time, etc.) from PS4 gamers who switched to PS5 are “significantly higher”.

The engagement metrics of users who switched from PlayStation 4 (“PS4”) to PS5, such as PS Plus subscription rate, playing time and average spend are significantly higher than when they played on PS4, so we will continue to focus on accelerating the transition of PS4 users for PS5.

With the PS5 now seemingly easier to get off store shelves, those numbers should rise even further. In other PlayStation news, Sony shared that more than seven million PS5 units were sold in the past three months.

source: Sony (pdf)


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